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2004-06-26 - 2:05 a.m.

I don't know what got into me tonight. I went over to Books-A-Million at around 8:30 and closed the place down at 11:00 pm, then I went to the Super Walmart and wandered around for a long time like one of those night freaks you see when you go shopping way too late at night.

I came home with a trunk full of groceries and had all of the joy of dragging in many, many pounds of fresh produce and various bottles of water and other heavy objects.

I've decided to get off sugar and complex carbs... not all complex carbs, but let's say, I'm cutting down on them. I feel the need to pursue a cleaner diet with more spring water and fruits and vegetables and less red meat, dairy, and fat. My dad is diabetic and so is the rest of my family and I don't want to be one myself, so I think if I eat as if I were diabetic, I can avoid that fate. Maybe.

There is a contest going on, in which the person or couple who can pay off the most debt and or save the most money in a 6 month period, will win $50,000.00 from Dave Ramsey (financial expert) in the Total Money Makeover Challenge. It occurs to me that I have a lot of equity in my house. I could sell the house and pay off every penny of my debt and still have a fat savings account. Then I could continue to save most of the money I make in 6 months time. I wonder if I could possibly win???????

I'd have to give up my house, but I've considered that many times anyway. I wonder if someone else would just come along and blow me out of the water by selling a more expensive house and paying off more debt. It's based on what percentage of your income you have saved or put towards debt, that way a doctor doesn't have an advantage over a walmart worker. I wonder if I could win. That would be very cool.

Why am I staying up all night?

I have to go to bed.


Wait, I'm still up.

here goes me...

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