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2006-10-07 - 4:39 p.m.

Hi Peeps.

Yeah... it's me. A little disheveled perhaps.. tired to be sure.. still happily addicted to my game and hitting every scandal and crazy predicament imaginable in my Second Life.

On the Wilberteets front, I just had a birthday. Thanks to the well wishers wrote commented and emailed to wish me a happy one. It was quite the happy birthday. This is good, Gentle Reader, because surely you remember how I feel about the solar return. It's an important time of the year.

So for my birthday celebration, the family Teets gathered at the parent's house and we combined my birthday with another one of our family traditions, October Feast. Every year in October, Pop makes a big german dinner of sauerbraten, potato dumplings, and red cabbage. Strudel for dessert. It seems to get better every year. It was great, and we had a good time.

Birthday gifts were received at the big shindig. I was no help at all in pointing out gift ideas to anyone, as I was elsewhere occupied almost every spare minute approaching the birthday itself. Being an independent woman, I am not needy for things. If I want something, I pretty much go get it. This makes it hard for some people to buy gifts for me. Sister did the right thing and made me rich with Lindens for my birthday. Woot! I also got spa treatments from the Binkster, which is always great.

Poor Ma... she tries.

There is a long history of wack gift choices from my sweet mother. This goes way back. Several years back on some holiday, I told her I'd like a pair of furry Steve Madden slippers, color black. That year she got me a pair of Dearfoams, in leopard print. Fookin leopard print! When I opened it, she said she went all over looking for those Steve Madden slippers but all they had was them old black ones. Ooh, it's so funny it hurts.

Leopard print? ::sigh::

So then... last year or the year before she got me this .... uh.. granny coat. It's a long fleecy thing that seems to be a cross between a cape and a poncho. I feel like a class A twit when I wear it. Guess what color it is?

Ah, c'mon.. guess.

Fookin leopard print! Yep. That's correct.

She thinks I look like a "big beautiful doll" in that coat. She also thinks I am bold and can carry off wild patterns and colors. Naturally, I wore this beast to her house a lot to make sure she knew I appreciated her and liked her gift.

I died inside a little bit one day when I saw the frickin crypt keeper toddling through the mall wearing the same coat. It's an old lady garment. And I convinced Ma I loved it.

DAMN my premium acting skills!

So yesterday mom trots out this big beautiful gift bag... oooooh... what could it beeeee?

I reached beneath the billowy tissue paper peaks and pulled out... guess what?.....any idea?.... I certainly didn't expect it.....

Another fookin granny coat! Same damn style! This one is red, so no one can possibly miss me, standing there like the ashamed avenger, all in red.

Face and all.



Want to know the real corker? The thing she "almost got" was a set of high thread count egyptian cotton sheets.


I know sound very ungrateful here, but people, I am going to have to wear this thing in public! At least it's not red leopard.

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