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2003-10-01 - 5:12 p.m.



Today, October 1, 2003, is my birthday. Ah yes, the teets of wilber mark another year on this planet.

Appropriately enough, Oprah's show today was all about older women and younger men. I could have taped them a whole show on that topic myself. For I am a dater of a much younger man. ::gasp::

You may ask yourself "Self, is Teets off work for a birthday holiday?" And the answer to that, sadly, is no.

That yucky cold I felt myself coming down with turned out to be a Holy Jihad on my ass. I have been the limpest of dishrags for the past 2 days. I have sneezed, wheezed, coughed, and crippled around pitifully since I got sick. Tomorrow I am going back to work no matter what. Unless I have fever.

Regular readers of Teetsville may be wondering how the solar return is coming along since I mentioned that the annual birthday sets the tone for the whole upcoming year. The good news is that I have had a calm, peaceful, low stress day. I have had birthday phone calls from a few loved ones, I feel well rested, and I'm in a pretty good state of mind. If my year to come is peaceful, non-stressful, filled with loved ones, good rest, and a peaceful state of mind, then I am doing pretty well.

Too weak to party.... but happy nonetheless....

Happy Birthday to me.

PS: I'm not answering any questions about how old I am. Suffice it to say I am old enough to do whatever I want and young enough to enjoy it.

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