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2005-06-06 - 2:06 a.m.

I should not be up right now. I'm going in to work late tomorrow so I can run a few errands in the morning and I guess I'm taking advantage of myself knowing I can sleep in a little longer tomorrow. I have to stay up just a little bit longer to post these pics of my future ex-husband, Shaun. These pics are not loaded to my laptop so I have to do this right now.

In matters of love and attraction, everyone has a "type". Shaun is my type. He looks just like my sweetie in Philly. I just love his look, his voice, his talent. I adore the new CD. It is great. The words at the top of this page are part of a song, in Afrikaans which is Shaun's mother's native language. It's very similar to German.

Anyway... witness the hotness:

I love this picture

And this one too

And him in general

The future Mr. Wilberteets

Damn skippy.

Oh... by the way... that is Shaun Morgan Welgemoed, vocalist for Seether. Their new release "Karma and Effect" just came out May 24th and it is excellent. Don't miss "Disclaimer II", cause it is most excellent as well.

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