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2004-02-17 - 8:28 p.m.

Myra, prepare to laugh hearty.

B. O. Brian, a "stink-blaster" doll

Um... I was married to a smallish guy with short brown hair, a wide smirky grin, and a bit if a unibrow, and one of his names was Brian, sorta.

So today I'm perusing the internet news when I saw this picture that looks for all the world like a cartoon of my ex. The best part is he is called B. O. Brian and he really stinks.

Now, to my ex's credit, he doesn't have a B. O. problem, but he is going to be mortified when he opens up his next birthday, christmas, or father's day present and it's a stank ass "mini-me" of himself. Wheeeeeeee!

I got this picture from an article about a new line of dolls that all have a nasty stink problem and they are each scented to match their names. They are starting off with a series of 24 dolls. "Skunk Punk," "Butt Breath Bob" and ""Broccoli Bill" are some of the others.

I wonder if they need help thinking up girl doll names. How about "Smelly Shelly", "Sally Stink" or "Feet N Ass Farah"? I can think of some that are much worse.

Tuna Twat Tina.

No....Stop ..... meeeeee.....

I mustn't give in to the unlady-like part of my psyche. I've just got to stop it right now. Cause that was bad enough.

Gash Gobbling Gertrude


I really should erase that one. Cause it was nasty. Uncalled for. Even.

Pussy Rot Penny

Oh, now that is quite enough young lady!! I'm shocked by my own behavior.

Think up your best ones and lay it on me in comments. Myra is going to blow me out of the water cause she be WRONG.

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