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2006-07-23 - 2:44 a.m.

Here's a good picture.

Ah yes... those braces paid off.

I had to cut this pic down to a tiny fraction of what it was and it's still a humongous file. I do not know how to resize pictures, but I need to know how to do it myself so I can crop these the way I want them. I took some big shots that I intend to cut down to just a certain view. It's a skill I could benefit from. Is it a photoshop thing? Or something I could do without buying software?

I want to post some other pictures on here. I'm working on it...

I took some pictures of Lake Tahoe and lots more wedding pictures. The bridal bouquet was very pretty.

We had beautiful weather every day in Reno. We didn't see a single drop of rain the entire time we were there. It was all blue skies and pretty sunsets. I love the climate there.

In all the wedding and vacation excitement I forgot to tell you the really, really important new addition to my life: I have, in my possession, a CD liner that was signed by the great one, Shaun Morgan, himself. It is also signed by Dale and John, but you know it's the fact that my honeyman Shaun held it in his hands and wrote on it that makes it special.

I pre-ordered my copy of "One Cold Night", the new acoustic CD by Seether. It is excellent AND, you get a DVD in with the CD that has the entire performance, a lengthy interview, the making of the video for "The Gift", and the finished video, plus a picture gallery. They throw in a lot of extras.

Makes a girl all happy inside. And I'm seeing them in concert next month and could not possibly be more stoked. Well, I could, but that would require some things that just aren't going to happen.

It's official. My daughter is now the grown-up and I'm the kid. She'd better watch me, because I'm a little stinker.

There's no telling what all kinds of trouble I might get up to.


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