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2004-03-14 - 10:19 a.m.

I have something serious to write about today. My heart is broken because Dagget is sick. He just all of a sudden got very sick on Friday. He had been kind of lethargic all week and acting like he couldn't breathe too well and I thought maybe he was getting too fat or something. Then on Friday, he was just acting sick, like he could barely get around. I took him to the vet and they diagnosed him with heart worms. I am just sick inside, because I love him so much and I didn't get him heart worm prevention. I have no idea how I missed it or why, but there it is. I didn't take care of something SIMPLE AND PREVENTABLE and now my puppy is sick and might not live. I feel so bad about it. I wish I could turn back time and change it.

The vet said that right now he is sick because the worms have shifted or something and they were interfering with his liver function and his lungs. He was having to work very hard to breathe. She said they could keep him over the weekend and put him on an IV and give him medications to increase his ability to breathe and to help his liver function and the idea is to get him stronger and more well so we can then think about getting rid of some heart worms. The heart worm cure is very hard on dogs and they can die from it.

The worms break up inside the dog and go to their lungs where they are absorbed. The dog can suddenly drop dead during this process. They are going to get Dagget back to feeling good and then I have to choose whether or not to risk losing him on the spot, or letting him die from the worms in how ever long that takes.

They can treat him medically for the problems the worms cause, until it doesn't work anymore, or they can try to rid him of the worms.

Either way sucks.

The hopeful part is, I've known dogs to have heart worms for years and years. Dagget is only 3. I hate it so bad that I didn't get him the heartworm prevention. I cannot believe I let this happen to my Dagget. I always get him every shot, every immunization. I thought I had him covered.

I read up on this condition on the internet and I found a good info site that said 95% of dogs are treated successfully and then you put them on heart worm prevention and never take them off it. The danger is, sometimes a dog is too sick to even try the treatment and Dagget is that sick right now. Our only hope is too get him stronger for the treatment.

I had to leave town right after putting him in the doggie hospital and let me tell you, it added a shitload of stress to my trip. I worried and just felt like crying the whole time. I took Binky with me and we sat there and cried in the restaurant at dinner. Had to explain to the waitress. I was thinking about telling her the food was really disappointing.

I called the vet at 11:00 am on Saturday and they said Dagget was responding well to the treatment and he was breathing easier and looking a lot better. He still wasn't eating, but they said maybe by Monday he can come home and recooperate and when he is stronger, we can decide about heart worm treatment.

I feel more hopeful once the day gets going, but when I first wake up I feel awful and hopeless for a while. I'm so sad that my pup is sick. He's 3 years old but he'll be my puppy as long as he lives.

Here's what I wish: That I could turn back time and prevent this. Since I can't have that, my second place wish is this: That we successfully treat Dagget for the heart worms, with no lasting damage, completely free of the worms, we get him on heart worm prevention and every freakin immunization known to mankind, and he lives to a ripe old age, as long as a chihuahua can possibly live.

Here's my favorite picture of Dagget.

Everybody, please pray for Dagget, light some candles, sacrifice some goats, enlist your angels, whatever it is you do when you need a miracle, please do it for my Dagget.

And if you have a dog that you love, take him to the vet to be tested for heart worms. If he or she is clear of the worms, get him on treatment. It comes in treat form, once a month dose, or shot form every month or 6 months. I wish I had seen an entry or an article or something about heartworms before this happened to Dagget. It was a fluke that I stayed home on Friday and it was a super fluke that I saw him pee and noticed his urine was super dark, like strong tea. This was what made me take him to the vet. I am hoping these unusual happenings mean there was a reason for me to find the illness before going away for the weekend. The vet said he would have died over the weekend if I hadn't noticed and brought him in. His organs weren't functioning right. So his life was saved on Friday. Now I hope it will be saved for years and years and not just a short time. Pray for us.

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