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2005-04-10 - 12:41 p.m.

There are 8 big photos on here. Might take a while to load if you are on dial up. (But worth it!)The huge pictures can be seen without scrolling back and forth if you put your settings on 1024 x 768 pixels. I should have made these smaller, but I was in a hurry.

So I went to the Myrtles... It is considered one of the most haunted places in America. The original owner bought 635 acres of land here for one dollar and fifty cents an acre. This is the house. It's a lot bigger inside than it looks from the outside. They do not allow photos to be taken inside the house because the antiques inside are so old. Incidentally, I once got in trouble at the Louvre Museum in Paris for taking a picture of the Mona Lisa.

Below is a picture of the front yard from the driveway. It was so nice there under all the hanging moss and gnarly trees. Try to spot the orb... it's on the trunk of one of those trees. How would you like a driveway like this one?

There are statues and cherubs all over the place. They have a sort of eerie presence. Especially the cherubs. I took a couple of shots of this one beautiful statue. Notice the details. She's holding a garland of flowers.

Here she is from another angle:

This cherub seems to be saying "Hey, there's birdshit on my face..."

A row of cherubs.

We found this gorgeous flowering tree, almost taken over by hanging moss. It was beautiful with the yellow flowers and tendril-like branches curving out from a silvery curtain of spanish moss. The flowers smell like banana laffy taffy.

The Myrtles are named for the crepe myrtle trees all over the property. Crepe myrtles have very smooth bark and they bloom all summer. The legend is that these very crepe myrtles were planted in memory of the two little girls who were poisoned by Chloe the slave. The property has been called "The Myrtles" ever since.

There's a daytime tour that is mainly historical and there is a night time tour that is more centered on the ghost stories. Myra and I are going down to the Myrtles for the night time ghost tour and we might spend the night there. Sometimes people leave in the middle of the night. To me, the scariest thing about staying overnight there is the price. It's about 230 bucks a night to stay in the main house. Ooooooohh.... scaryyyyyy!

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