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2004-02-03 - 6:50 p.m.


I had a variety of crazy thoughts on my way home today. I blame my sleep deprivation and the mental status changing banana I ate, against my better judgement, last night.

The nanner was looking all fine... it was calling my name, as nanners are wont to do. I had some ice cream... and I likes me a layer of nanner underneath my ice cream. So I figured I'd take my chances and I ate the thing.

So on my way home, I was actually frightened by a stick that I saw along the side of the road. There was a stick poking up out of the ground, and I nannerifically mistook it for a really tiny human. Like, smaller than a midget. Nothing that could be explained within the laws of physics or any other science. That, my friend, is the evil work of the nanner.

It was like a freakin night terror, but I realized my error pretty quickly and didn't even wreck my car. So I feel like a real winner today.

I had a massage today. Ahhhh yes. Wonderful, fabulous, massage. I have a standing appointment now, for Tuesday afternoons at 5:00 pm. It makes me look forward to Tuesday when I used to always just think "Ack, it's only Tuesday."

Tomorrow we're halfway to the next weekend. See how the whole world looks brighter because of sweet, wonderful, massage. I'm actually considering night classes for massage therapy.

Cause let me tell ya something, folks, Miss Teets is feeling the burn out. I'm tired of the old 9-5. Massage therapy would be a 9-5, or something like it, but there would be candles, soft lights, and spa-like surroundings. A lower stress level, I think.

Anyways... on my drive home, I was feeling pretty good. The massage reduces me to a boneless lump of feel good. So I was driving along thinking thoughts that turned towards the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. I was thinking prostitution is not such a bad thing, when you look at it in a massage therapy kind of way. Remember the nanners, people. I'm altered. But for right now, I'm thinking it would be kinda swell to be able to go get that too, just when you want to. No baggage, no guilt. No STD's... oh wait... the drawback. I knew there must be one somewhere.

Plus, the Bunny Ranch doesn't have male prostitutes, so much work would have to be done in the rounding up phase.


I warned you, I'm under the influence of nanners and sleep deprivation. I'm going out for some chinese food momentarily. I must get ready now.

Later gators.

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