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2007-07-10 - 10:09 a.m.

Holy Lord, I'm sleepy today. This working thing just totally fucks with my sleeping groove AND my late night playing on the computer groove.

The big inspection has still not descended upon us yet. I need to reprint my manual today, since Pokey the Wonder Temp managed to mess up EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE.

She added a new heading for each page and on that new heading, she put "Nursing Department". This is the Health Information Department. So she took up all day yesterday doing a simple print job and messed up every page of it. She also deleted all the Section headings that help you look up the individual policies. So it's basically impossible to use the table of contents now. It has to be redone.


Yesterday I was accosted by a freaky looking orderly in the nurses station. He followed me to the coffee pot and introduced himself to me. He also wanted to shake my hand. Then he made weird small talk about my job and asked me if I could show him my office sometime. All the while he is looking at me with this odd, wide-eyed stare. Like the voices are telling him to kill women or something. He was weird. I wouldn't walk to my car alone if he was in the parking lot. Freak.

I also got my ass chewed yesterday by this little old lady who is a patient here. I usually stop by her room and talk to her a little every day. A couple days ago I was in a big hurry and didn't go say hi to her. So yesterday, she was ignoring me. I went up to her and she wouldn't look at me. So I said "Hellooooooo..." to which she gave absolutely zero acknowledgement. So I cleared my throat and said louder "I say HELLOOOOOOOOOO!" She looked at me and said "I saw you up here yesterday and you didn't speak to me so I decided I ain't speaking to YOU EITHER!" So I said "I'M SORRRRRRRRRRRYYYYY!!! Forgive me!! I was busy!! I'm sorrrrrrry". After much loud and silly apologizing, I am now back on her good side, sort of. I think she is still pissed. She's a crotchety old lady and she's mean to the staff, but she calls me sweetheart. haha. It has been pretty funny how she has reacted nicely to me when she's so damn mean to everyone else. But I might have permanently messed up my place of glory. I'll go see about her pretty soon and find out if she is still holding a grudge. She's a trip. If she's still mad today I'm going to say "Why you trippin?"

I need some coffee to carry on with this morning's exciting activities.

Dare I approach the coffee pot?


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