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2005-01-20 - 9:40 p.m.

I'm thinking about my humble little dog. She is in the doggie hospital after having undergone a complete hysterectomy this morning. Apparently dogs handle this better than humans, but I feel bad for her. I don't think I am going to make it home in time to pick her up before the vet closes on Friday. I might, if I get done working early enough, but that looks very doubtful. I hope little Abby is sleeping and not hurting.

In Happier News:

During my globe trotting today, I spotted a beautiful outlet mall. Yes, that's correct, an outlet mall. I was clipping down the interstate, going the wrong way... totally oblivious to my folly... when lo, I saw it. Like a beautiful mirage in a desert... an outlet mall.

It had a Liz Claiborne outlet. I would have stopped if that had been the only store. But no.. there was more. Lots more. Dress Barn, Old Navy, Vanity Fair, Discount Books (!), shoe stores, clothing stores, leather shop, etc. I was a happy wanderer.

I went in the Liz Claiborne store first, because I like Liz clothes. They fit me better than most clothes and the quality is so nice. It's pricey, but it's good.

So I found these jeans... and they were wonderous in their glory. They fit me PERFECTLY. The denim is so fine and smooth and soft. No bunching anywhere. They were originally $104.00.

For some jeans, people.

However, I did not pay $104.00, for they were on sale for a mere $49.98. I was happy with that price, BUT GUESS WHAT??? The sales lady scanned the jeans and they were supposed to be 29 bucks!! YESSSSS. I only paid 29 bucks for the jeans! I got a beautiful blouse, regularly priced $49.00... and it also rung up cheaper than the sale price. I got it for 24 bucks! Then, the sales lady asked me if I wanted the hangers...

HECK YEAH I WANT THE HANGERS!!! I always need hangers and the ones you get in clothing stores are the best. So she gave me a big shopping bag full of them!! A veritable shit load of hangers, says I.

I am one happy shopper.

I had to call Binky and my mom, tried to call Gerg, cause I know how much he cares about these things. I tried to call Myra, but she wasn't home. I needed to share. Too much shopping happiness for one person to handle alone.


I am tired and ready to get in bed. Some of my co-workers are expecting me to become irreversably exhausted from all the traveling, but I like it. It doesn't bother me a bit. So far. I hope I keep liking it. It would suck to start hating this great job. My work weeks go by so fast and the thing that wears me out about working, and sucks the life out of me is being stuck in one job, in one office, being exposed to constant crap from the company asshole. Every company has a jerk that makes everyone miserable. If you don't know who it is at your company, it's YOU. hahaha

I don't suffer fools gladly and eventually, the company asshole wears down my diplomacy and gets told all about their stank-ass self. The traveling is great because I am on a different playing field from the usual characters in each facility and no one bothers me. I am with different people every day, doing the stuff I really like to do. That's good stuff.

I am going to sleep good tonight. The bed in here is comfortable. It is calling to me...

Later gators.


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