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2005-10-05 - 3:46 p.m.

I have once again escaped the surly bonds of death in an unfortunate on-the-road happening. I'm always just a peach fuzz ahead of the grim reaper it seems. Especially since I started my constant commuting.

This time, I didn't actually have an accident, a blowout, or a collision with a parked boat. I just *coulda*. Conditions were extra ripe for that sort of thing to go down. I was driving along and heard this weird racket that seemed to say to me "Your tire is about to fly off or explode. Pull over." I pulled over and looked at each tire. Everything looked fine. When I started driving again, the sound was just getting louder and the car was shaking. Those sounds and shakes were eerily reminiscent of the sounds and shakes that happened just before a blowout I lived through once upon a time.

I went to the tire shop and they found the problem. One of my tires had a rip that was about 5 or 6 inches long and was starting to bulge. This rip was located on the inner part, hidden by the fender. See how the grim reaper is getting sneakier? It must be quota time or something.

I had the 2 front tires replaced and the back ones are still ok. They said I have about 15,000 or 20,000 miles to go on those. My car drives so much better now! The bad thing is, I was hearing that weird noise for the past couple of days. This means I was driving on that rip for about 400 miles worth. It's a wonder I didn't have a blowout on the interstate.

I just finished paying off my car last month and I've had to fix the transmission and get new tires. Very recently I had to have the AC fixed to the tune of 1100 bucks. It's just fantastic saving all this extra money with no car payment anymore. Eventually I will have fixed or replaced every single thing on it.

Yikes. I'm at work, and it's almost going home time. Time to risk my neck again on the treacherous roadways.

I called Jim, the cantankerous car shop owner today to see if my damn letter is ready and he said he forgot. He must have really forgot, because he offered to bring it to me tomorrow. But he offered it as crankily and rudely as he possibly could. And he told me not to call and antagonize him anymore after I get my stinking letter. hehe.

Then he asked me if I was married and confessed that he is, so maybe Bunny was right with her comment on yesterday's entry. Clearly, when a man is as horrible, rude, and abusive as this guy, it's a sign of love.

Or not.

My heart is still in Philly though. Philly, ya heard?

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