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2003-11-13 - 2:59 p.m.

I coughed all night long. I used to never be sick. I think it's the short kid... you know.. the 2 year old germ monger who lives at my house. Ever since she started in daycare, we've all been sick. Time to invest in some Vitamins!

I have to do some work today, but I'm taking a minute to tell my news:

Myramains and I met for a power lunch with the owners of the scare park we're working with to go over the beginning plans for next years' Halloween season and it was just a great meeting.

We are doing the gypsy fortune teller thing, complete with all the hideous fortunes. (Check out my 10/22/03 entry to recap that.) This week I'll be designing the booth and making the plans. We may give out Tarot cards to the customers and I'll tell them the "interpretation" of the card the draw, which will be some hideous-awful prewritten fate. haha. I'm officially cast as the gypsy.

One of the owners asked me if I could be an MC, and I said "Probably not, but I can be the gypsy". I'm comfortable in a smaller venue. Myra is the one who can get up and work a crowd. I'd rather work a few people at a time. Myra knows no boundaries when it comes to commanding a crowd. I'm quite shy compared to her. Bink is shy compared to me. She thinks I'm a wild woman. HA!

We discussed a bunch of our other ideas and we will be implementing a "wall of tortured souls", as a part of the building's facade, and it will be grizzly and awful.... faces and body parts will be imbedded in a stucco wall. Some of the faces will be real, as will some of the appendages, like arms and hands, and they will be reaching. Tortured faces will scream and warn people to turn back, or they will scream and beg for help.

We will have impromptu trials and hangings, stage shows, a graveyard where zombies crawl out of the graves and chase the victims, I mean, customers.

It will be fun.

Myra and I are doing the initial artwork this week. At least we'll do some sketches, plans, and drawings. I brought the hard copy to the meeting today, but we have much more to present. The main thing we concluded today was that we needed more time than a lunch meeting could provide. So we'll be having a longer meeting after work one night this week or next.

They want Myra to be the Mistress of Ceremonies. I think Myra *might* have wanted to keep it more freeform, like it was this year. Because MCing will be more restrictive as far as time goes. But she will get into it. We are going to be some tired mofo's next year about this time.

I love being involved in a big creative project though. They are putting a lot of faith in our abilities, and this is perfect for us. I think we've been preparing for a lifetime to do something like this. The owners will put up all the money, so we get to do what we've always wanted to do, without having to raise the capital. That's the good stuff!

I'm happy!

I've got all year to plan my costume. It shall be hella elaborate.

OK - I gots to get back to work!



Have you ever seen "Queer Duck" on Showtime? It's a series of 3 minute cartoons about Queer Duck, and his friends: Openly Gaytor, Oscar Wildecat, and Bi-Polar Bear. Funny! Funny! Funny! You can go to this web address and watch some queer duck cartoons:


One of the characters reminds me of someone... but I won't say who.

Tee Hee

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