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2005-07-29 - 10:18 a.m.

The world is filled with assholes and idiots. We already knew this. It is also filled with incompetents and those who just don't give a flying rat's ass.

My insurance agent is a combination of all 4 above listed types. Everyone I talked to yesterday in an attempt to get myself into a rental and get my poor car on the path to recovery was a completely useless turd of non-helpfulness. They must put a lot of time and effort into being so utterly devoid of competence.

My insurance guy was supposed to call me back after lunch with the other driver's insurance info, provided to him by the state troopers, so I could get a rental and have my car towed for repairs. He didn't call me back. I called his office a few times and always got the secretary who absolutely never can help in any way. She makes that her personal policy (to never be of help). At the end of the work day, she informed me that my insurance agent had left for the day very early on. Why she waited until 4:30 to tell me this, I'll never know. Maybe she liked hearing my hopeful voice every half hour.

So today is a new day, right? Maybe I can call Asswipe, (pronounced oz-wee-pay)and get the insurance info this morning. So I have called at 8:10, 8:30, 9:00, 9:23, and he's still not in. Does this jackass work there anymore?? I asked to speak to the manager. Got the run around. They don't have a boss. Oh wait... ok they do... and I can talk to her.... but not right now.... she's in a meeting. Left her a message. They've been "in a meeting" since shortly after 8:00.

It's 10:30. I'm calling again. It's times like these when I miss my guy in Philly. He has ways of handling people who are pig-headed. hehe

Now it's 11:02 and I'm getting wheels!! Not due to anything my suck ass insurance agent or his chronically missing-in-action boss did. I had to file on my own insurance to get a rental and get something started towards car repairs. I finally got in touch with the manager at my insurance office and she said they will not cancel me if I file on my own insurance to get a rental. So I am taking her word for it.

It angers my chi that I should have to file on my insurance. But I had to do what I had to do. It makes me panic a little to be stranded. The car rental place has no cars to give me until around 1:00 pm, they said. I fear they won't have anything after 1:00 pm either. They said something about being booked up and having nothing left. They've got 5 cars on the lot that if the renters don't show up by a certain time, I can get the car. They have 5 cars due back in by midday. So we shall see.

Meanwhile, I missed work on payday.

And that sucks.

Things are looking up though! I should be on wheels again by early afternoon.

I'm so glad I have insurance, even though my agent needs to be shot.

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