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2006-02-23 - 4:39 p.m.

I had another day off today. I have nothing to do at my 2 facilities in Shreveport right now. All my stuff is done for now. I had expired tags and inspection sticker, so I picked today to go to the DMV and go get all my other stuff taken care of. I got my car inspected. I had my car detailed this afternoon. I went and paid my dues at my car insurance place. I got a lot of stuff done that I don't usually have time for during the week.

I'm going to try to bring my new room divider screen home tomorrow. I don't know if I will be able to get it in my car. I hope I can. Otherwise, I will have to borrow the sister's truck for a day or make a trip up on Saturday.

Prepare to be Titillated with Intrigue and Espionage Talk:

Someone I know tried to send me on a covert mission today. I was not in town so I could not participate in the top secret festivities, but it is all very fascinating to me. There's something afoot. There's something amuck. There's something rotten in Denmark. You know those cheesy night time soap opera type programs where nothing is as it seems and everyone is a suspect? You never know who's zooming who? Throw in a hostile takeover or two and you've got a fairly accurate picture of my life lately. Sometimes I just love being me.

I am embroiled in some serious cloak and dagger shit that I can't talk about here explicitly. I have 2 areas of my life in which crazy stuff is going on. It all makes me happy to be me.

I should write a memoir.

One of the interesting things happening is that I am getting to enjoy the froo-its of e-vil being visited on a certain nut snorkler I reeeeeeeally despise. His own evil is coming back to kick him in his big square ass and I could not possibly be more pleased.

I can talk about this one.

There is this insufferable ass-hat that I hate with a passion 10,000 times hotter than the sun. He is a pathological liar and I wish he'd drop off the planet. I only know him because he was once involved with someone I care about. He is, put simply, insane.

It is a known fact that I do not suffer fools gladly. I cannot hide it when I think someone is a total plankton. I unburdoned myself by telling this jackwad exactly what I thought of him a time or two. Therefore, I am not his favorite person either. He is not a big fan of reality.

He gets himself into terrible situations with lots of people because he is a janky clown who lives off frivolous lawsuits and stuff. He's not a normal caliber of person. He's a dimwitted, criminally-minded,wanker. Always trying to get over in some way. Always using deception to try to accomplish his goals.

Long story short, he made some false accusations about someone and he has been talking shit about it at his workplace. He claimed he was being stalked through email. Email stalking is HIS trick. He said he had received thousands of emails from this person. It was all hogwash. But he kicked up enough dust that his BOSS decided to have the IT guys go into that computer and open all the email. hahaha.

That means the herpified freak is about to be busted for the tremendous volume of stalker email he has actually been sending to various people from his work pc. He spends all day every day on that computer sending endless emails. He's busted, and he brought it on himself by lying and trying to cast a bad light on someone else.


I oughta send him a thank you card. For kicking his own ass. Well done, loser.

Sucks to be a cave cricket.

::evil laughter here::

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