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2003-12-17 - 9:16 p.m.


I personally know the nerdiest nerd who ever sported a pair of coke bottle glasses.

I can't use this guy's real name, because he is so mind-blowingly nerdified, that he has attained some kind of star status and everyone knows him. He's just geeky as hell, but I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings, because he is also a very sweet person.

So let's just call him Superfly.

Let me just describe him for you. Put on your imagination caps boys and girls...

He is, of course, very, very rail thin. He has the narrowest ass ya ever did see. Always sporting the high waters too. High waters and a turtle neck makes all the girls swoon, dontcha know. His hair is very short and dark, he has lunatic fringe for teeth, and of course, he wears horn rimmed glasses with incredibly thick lenses that make his eyes look as big as his frames. He is so shy that he closes his eyes when he talks. He just can't bear to look.

He used to run a local record store and I used to go in there every now and then. He was always very nice and helpful. Good old Superfly.

Evidently, he is well connected, starting with his well-off father. I heard he moved to Nashville and is living large these days. I forgot the details of that, but Myra can flesh it out in the comments.


Excuse me for a moment while I shake it like a polaroid picture.





OK - that's better.

No... wait... I have to shake it some more.




That ought to do it.







Still shakin it. Just like a polaroid picture. Ya'll.

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