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2005-03-09 - 9:32 p.m.

I have a certain underling at work who is supposed to do my bidding, but she seems to have not received the memo to that effect. She has a surplus of attitude, to say the least. But she is very amusing. She's really funny. I think that at the core of the problem stands a serious attitude problem plus a genuine lack of understanding about the pecking order at the hospital. I let her do her thang in her department, but she is dancing very close to the ragged edge of disaster lately. I don't like her sloppy work. I don't like the way she puts the charts together and the way she doesn't care about quality. However, it is technically her department, so I make her do some things my way, but mostly try not to micro-manage her.

Last Friday, girlfriend left work early, as if she had not a care in the world... and she had not sent in the face sheets for billing. Yesterday, I had to go into her disaster-area office and attempt to locate the files to send to our billing department. In the process, I cleaned up her office. There was no rhyme or reason to it. Charts were slung everywhere, along with supplies, catalogues, mail, a hole puncher, the scissors that had gone missing from my office 2 weeks ago (!!!) and many other random objects. As I went through the charts, because none of her face sheets were complete (!!!) I stacked the charts neatly on the previously garbage laden table, and when I was done, the table was tidy. I wasn't really trying to clean, it just makes sense to do things in order.

I also auto-arranged her icons on her desk top, because I had to locate some files on her computer and they were scattered all over her desktop. She must be psychotic to actually prefer the chaotic mess she's got going on.

So today, my underling told me she was going to have my head on a platter and was going to kill me dead because I messed up her groove and cleaned up her office and worse, arranged her icons. She told me that she had already messed it back up and she scattered her icons all over the place because she likes them that way.

This same underling left me a note taped to my monitor, telling me not to shut down my pc anymore.

Not to shut down MY pc in MY office...

When it comes down to it, she does what I tell her to do and she does rude things but it seems to be a part of her generally rude personality. When I get mad, she goes boneless and humble, like like freakin smigel, so perhaps the balance of power isn't tooooo far out of whack.

After she vented her spleen about my insane act of organization, she told me a bunch of crazy personal stuff that was just hilarious. She said her husband was a broken man when she met him and he was done so wrong by the woman before her that he just almost couldn't function. Then she went on to say this woman had 4 kids while she was with him and "come to find out, 3 of em ain't his!" She said: "All the kids are retarded because she's a wino and she stayed drunk while she was pregnant with all of them. One is really bad off, and I think that's the only one that really is his". That was tragic, yet funny... because of her delivery. She's a trip. She told me way too much info.

I can't say I don't like her, but her work leaves many things to be desired. To say the least.

I have got to get in the shower.

Later Taters.

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