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2003-09-07 - 3:47 p.m.


People, the Sistah was driving me BONKERS. She was relentlessly hounding me to set up her computer. The problem was that the household computers would have to be networked together in order for her to access the internet through my DSL line.

I thought this would be best accomplished after her room is set up and her pc is placed in it's permanent home spot. This way, we would know how long the cables need to be and what we have to buy.

This was not working out, due to the sistah's insane need to surf the web at all hours day and night. She was jonesing. She was shaking, maaaaaaan. She was sick. She neeeeeeeeeeeded that computer hooked up. Using my pc for a mere 16 hours a day wasn't hacking it.

So she finally went out and bought wireless networking equipment and we set up a household network for our computers. And now... all is well in Teetsville. We can even add a few more computers. So maybe Bink will get one, and maybe I'll get a laptop.

The unfortunate side effect of this is that now Sistah doesn't care if her room ever gets set up, because the important thing was the pc and it's fixed now. So we are both sort of procrastinating.

I am somewhat motivated to get that room set up so their stuff has a place to go, and so we have a place to set up the infernal 24/7 marathon of Blues Clues and X-Box. But I really don't want to do this big task and it's all too easy to put it off. We have to clear out the room and put in new carpet. To put it nicely, that room has been... vandalized aggregiously... by a cat and a ferret. The carpet must go.


I dread work tomorrow, like poison. I am HOPING against all hope that the new administrator will be able to save me from the evils which the playground bully seeks to visit upon me. I think there is hope, but I'm not certain.

Plus, our state survey is due. They could show up any minute. The stress at work is just unreal. Someday I'm getting out of this business altogether and finding something fun and creative to do. Or something.

If that falls through, I may just become a bum. I'm thinking it over.

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