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2006-07-03 - 10:35 p.m.

I have a nice surprise for a few of you who trust my musical recommendations. I get emails from Seether's street team and today I got this swell link that takes you to hear their new CD before it's released on July 11. Check out the link below to hear the whole thing.

Now listen, you non-link-clickers... you neeeeeeeeed to hear Seether's version of Pearl Jam's song "Immortality". It's SO good. I also LOVE the song "Diseased" and I'm so glad they included it on this CD. You can listen to the songs individually, or hear the whole thing continuously. This CD is very rich musically. I love it. I have all their CDs and you can track how they have evolved as a band by the sound from one CD to the next. This is an acoustic recording, but it is quite polished. What a load of talent. For once, I'm going to give credit to the rest of the guys along with Shaun. I usually just go on about how hot Shaun is, but these are all very talented musicians and they all deserve the credit together for the fantastic sounds they threw down for this CD and all the others.

Plus, Shaun is a hottie.

Listen to the new acoustic Seether CD right HERE!!

Here's the Seetherville link again:


Ready to laugh some more? Me too. I still need to see this funny clip:

Hosted at YourSpaceNow.com


Lemme ramble off some minutiae before I go: I had a list of about 8 things that simply had to be done today and I got 2 of them done. Go me. I still have the rest of this week and the weekend to get it all done, but some things take time. Like, I need to consult an attorney about my car accident claim before I run out of time. Why did I mess around so long??

I have lots of stuff to buy before I go on vacation. I need Dramamine so I don't present an embarrassing display on the airplane. I need various other things. I have to get Abby a reservation in the kennel. The owner lady wasn't answering the phone at the kennel today. I sure hope she's not on vacation herself. I have to have that reservation for Abby!

I have to return some merchandise that I ordered online and it was cheap and flimsy. I have 90 days to do it, but I've already flittered away 60 days of that. Cause I'm good like that.

But what fun is a vacation if you can't hit panic mode and nearly have a psychotic break from reality before time to leave? Where's the challenge in a smooth running vacation?

You know what makes it even mo' funner? The whole fam damily is going, and mom has a tendency to melt down when we all travel together. She becomes one with her inner control freak and attempts to dictate when we all eat, sleep, pee, and do everything else from the start to the finish. She likes to eat at crazy times. She's the gal that likes to plan family dinners for 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. Too late for lunch and too early for dinner. And she's serious.

Dead serious.

I'll bet there will be some tales to tell after this one.

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