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2004-03-01 - 11:03 p.m.

So today I had my first workday sans transcription duties. I gots to say, it was swell. Sure, I was hostile and bitter all day, but the work itself was much lighter, since I wasn't playing beat the clock with the impossible opponent of endless dictation tapes.

Today I put a few things into action, I took care of some serious business, and I didn't hear anything back from the powers that be, so far. I am expecting a big confrontation, which could end up with me yelling a lot and then storming off, never to return.

Or... not. It all depends on how that confrontation goes.

I got a new cell phone today and changed my plan. I am actually getting longer unlimited calling times and free pcs to pcs calling for less money than my old plan was and when I start having to pay for the internet thingy that I have a free trial for now, the grand total will be the same price as my old plan. Pretty good.

A few minutes ago I met the new boarder around here. I screamed. I think he did too. It was a furry grey mouse. He has taken up residence in the pantry. We knew of his presence because we found... uh... evidence. Today Myra brought me a candle that had been in the pantry and Mr. Mouse had chewed a lovely design in it. All around the top edges and in the center. Dumbass apparently doesn't know wax isn't fer eatin'.

I guess I'm going to have to haul out the sticky traps and start my "trap em and free em" routine again. Ah such is life. But I have learned never to trust a mouse to stay on a sticky trap in my car. Refer to my old entry about "The Legend of Carmouse" for further details. I hope to never repeat that little episode of my life.

I must go now, for I am weary.

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