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2005-09-17 - 10:48 p.m.

I borrowed Myramains' web cam in an ill-advised attempt at snapping a few pictures of yours truly. I learned from this experience that I have no talent at making a web cam do right. All the pictures were dark and grainy, and adding more light didn't seem to help. The farther away from the camera I got, the worse the picture quality, so I got one light and clear picture, but since I had to crawl all up on the camera to get it that clear, it's just my forehead and eyes. so here for your viewing pleasure, the forehead of wilberteets:

Now we can move on to the dark and grainy ones. Woohoo. Here below is one of the grainiest and darkest:

Here's one I photo-edited:

The one below is kind of better and lighter. You can see me a little more.

Grainy and dark:

Here's one in which I appear to be grimacing, however, it is clearly a trick of the lighting.

Actually, Myra will recognize that face as "Nip and Biff" We make that face at each other and sing lame songs to each other stupid voices. One of us is Nip and the other is Biff. I don't really look like that, but Myra does.

Hey, I posted twice today and the last one had an important music challenge for you, Gentle Reader. So please click back one entry and check out Dark New Day.

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