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2004-02-04 - 12:38 p.m.

I have a crazy idea. So crazyÖ it might just work. You know Iím having the career burn out thing. I checked into massage therapy school and found that I donít have to take the whole thing, because I already have a degree in life science / pre-med. This means I can take the short course that covers only massage technique / theory etc, and I can wrap that up within 12 months. I think massage therapy would be a great skill to have, whether or not it is used for money-making purposes.

So Iím thinking I need to do this massage therapy thing and get certified so I can go into business for myself, open a FINE massage therapy salon and work for myself instead of doing what Iím doing now. I could make it a really nice relaxing atmosphere with good smelling candles and maybe set up an area for selling candles, spa products, lotions, etc. I would start out myself and later hire a couple of new grads from the therapy school. Might add a tanning bed or twoÖ I might even be able to incorporate astrology into it by giving readings and charts as a service that can be had for a fee.

Iím thinking I might be able to build myself a successful business that incorporates who I am and what I love into something I do every day and get paid well for. Doesnít that sound like a plan??? I think it does. Iím all about some luxury and some feel good. I think I could bring that to the public.


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