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2004-07-21 - 11:01 p.m.

In the "No News is Good News" Department:

Myra went to the doctor today and instead of lining up her PET scan, he wrote orders for a bunch of other scans. I think it's odd that he wants to do a whole bunch of individual scans instead of the universal, whole body PET scan. I don't know if he has a reason for doing it this way. I've heard that PET scans are very expensive. I don't know if scads of individual tests would be more or less expensive. Myra has health coverage, thank the Lord.

Anyway... we still know nothing. She goes in Friday, so we will then get to wait over the weekend at least.

In the "Wibby" Department:

Myra left the kids with her boyfriend's mother for the evening one night this week and while she was gone, Wibby went poo in the big potty. She was so happy about it, she didn't want to flush it. She wanted to save it for Myra to see. hehe.

Other Wibby News:

One day, Myra and I were talking about Myra's plight, and Libby was in the room. We talk in circles, but you can't hide a tear from a kid. Libby noticed the sad vibe and said "You suuuuuure aaaaare pretty, mama". Little kids pluck your heart strings all the time without even knowing it.

Restaurant Debacle News:

We decided to go out for a family dinner tonight. The kids were in rare form. Myra had given Libby a sucker. A hated, dreaded sucker. I despise them, because I always end up wearing some sticky, or peeling a dry sucker off the cat or something. So... I looked at the sucker... the sucker looked at me... it was a mexican stand off. Then, Bink's old boyfriend showed up and sat down right next to me in the booth. When Libby saw him, she went wild. Screaming, clawing, climbing, trying to get away. She is terrified of him for reasons we do not understand. In her mad scramble for freedom, she dragged her sucker through my hair, and ripped some out while she was at it. I'm just glad she didn't leave the sucker in my hair. Her fists were too clenched up with terror though, so I didn't have to detangle the sucker from my curls.

The boy embarrassed his mother by making an inappropriate comment to the church girl at a nearby table who was talking to Myra about the possibility of being her babysitter. The boy repeated a line from a commercial that involves the word "A-hole" and ends with "I'll cut you, mang." (Delivered with full mexican accent.) It was a delight.

We have a plan to curb the boy. It requires several forms of torture and a serious cut in privileges for future episodes. It's so crazy... it just might work.

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