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2004-04-26 - 12:42 a.m.

OK folks, I've made it to my new home for the week. Maybe two weeks. I think there is a lady working at this facility who knows something about PPS, so I might not have to spend two whole weeks here.

I have a really nice room. I got the king executive room. It was only a dollar more than the standard room. Ain't that a pip? This room has a microwave and refridgerator, ironing board and iron, coffee pot, desk and data port, a cushy recliner, and a floor lamp table, pay per views, and a big king size bed. It's right by the pool that I won't be swimming in.

There's more premium channels in here than I had at the last place, but the local channels are not coming in well and you know I have to see American Idol. I'll be monitoring the situation and if the cable doesn't improve by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to get dad to tape it again.

Speaking of Dad, I had to reformat his computer and load ad-aware to it. It took off 393 bad items. Crazy. His pc wouldn't do anything. I think that's what's wrong with Myra's pc. It has grinded to a halt and won't even boot up at this point. I can still reformat it though. Maybe we can do that next weekend.

Abby *the dog* was soooooo unhappy to see that I was leaving today. She knows when she sees me messing with my suitcase that I'll be gone for a long time and she follows every step I take, sitting at my feet, beating me to the front door, staring at me with her puppy eyes. She seems to be begging me not to go. I felt bad for her tonight. She did everything she could to stop me from getting out the door without her and when I closed the door, she scratched it a couple of times.

Myra takes good care of her though and gives her lots of petting and scratching while I'm gone.

I've got about 6 diaries to read before I go to sleep. I'm getting sleeeeeeepy. It's almost 1:00. My wake up call is at 7:30. So I have to snooze soon.

Nighty night, my little buckaroos.

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