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2004-12-31 - 2:04 p.m.

Another week has gone by. I haven't updated this week for a good reason. I was driving back and forth from my hotel to home and back every night because we've had relatives visiting and I wanted to be able to see everyone. Plus, we have certain family traditions that I didn't want to miss, like lasagna night... and my dad made gumbo one night. I used to not even like gumbo, but my dad makes such good gumbo that I look forward to it. You know it's some damn good gumbo when you are willing to drive a 3 hour round trip to get a bowl of it.

One of our visiting relatives is not really related by blood, but we love her just the same. When we were kids, we moved to Colorado Springs and we were far away from all our grandparents, so Myra asked this nice lady that lived next door, if she would be our grandma. Her mother lived with her and we called her great grandma. Her husband was granddaddy. He was a fun guy too. A frequently humorously drunk, fun guy.

She has come to visit us everywhere we've lived, including Germany, since then. We used to hang out at her house just about every day when we lived next door to her for several years. She had all the good toys and all the good snacks. She was the first on the block to have HBO, a computer, video games... whatever the newest thing was, she and granddaddy had it. She had a freezer with nothing but ice cream in it. Lots of ice cream. She also had schnauzers and a nice cat. It was a fun place to go. I plan to go see her later this year. She sold the house and lives in a high rise condo now. My mom wants to buy a condo in her building just to use as a place to stay when we visit and I'm thinking that is an excellent idea. We could use it to move out there. I miss the Springs a lot.

I was so tired when I got home last night, I didn't even feel like visiting much. I slept as much as I could last night and today I am carrying on with the relaxing. I'll be going over to spend some time with grandma and the folks. We're all going out to eat tonight. We do a lot of eating. I think I see a diet coming up in my near future.

Tonight is the annual New Year's Eve block party. Myra is all about it. She wants me to go down the street and get drunk like we did last year. I might. Every year I think I'm not going to go, but usually, I do end up going. Last year we were slamming tequila. I'm not much of a drinker and it doesn't take much to get me drunk. I seemed to handle it better than usual last year.

I'd kind if like to just stay home tonight. I missed Abby a lot this week. I felt bad because I was in town every night but couldn't spend time with her. She spent most of her holidays missing mama. I need to have her spayed. Before she goes in heat.

The horror.

Must call vet now....

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