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2004-03-30 - 11:35 a.m.

Well, well, well...

Monday morning I found out the state survey team is at my old hospital for an overdue inspection. This happy news transported my mind instantly to a meeting I attended just last Thursday in which it was discussed that if "State" walked in and saw our crappy policy & Procedure manuals, there would be hell to pay.

Gorsh. They are out of compliance in so many ways and in every department. I hope the survey team digs like a party of crazed garden moles. If they dig, they will uncover a multitude of sins.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

I have not accomplished much in the way of spring cleaning, but I am about to fly into a wild spree of frenzied cleaning at virtually any moment.

I am tempted to watch movies, do fun stuff, and generally lounge about for the next week, in full vacation mode. However, this is my big opportunity to get some stuff done that I won't have time for next week.

I found out I am way over my daytime minutes on my cell phone, because I adjusted my plan down at the beginning of March. It makes me mad, because I used to have 800 daytime minutes and I never came anywhere close to using them up, so I adjusted down and immediately went way over my new limit. So now I can't use my cell phone during the day before 7 pm - my time - until April 2, which is fortunately only 3 days away (whew).

I adjusted my plan back up and for only 5 bucks more, I'm getting 700 daytime minutes, PLUS, as a promotion that is on right now, I get unlimited daytime minutes for all of April and May, till June 2. I still have free nights, starting at 7 pm every week night and all of the weekends free. I don't know why that turkey at the Sprint store didn't tell me I could get 700 daytime minutes for 5 bucks more while I was adjusting my plan.

A pox on him.

I wonder where squirrelx is at. She hasn't updated in 2 weeks and I wish I knew her phone number to check on her. She usually doesn't disappear for more than a couple days. I hope everything is ok with her.

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