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2004-01-05 - 6:00 p.m.


Can you feature this? Can you wrap your brain around it? Can you even believe that it could possibly be true???


I am so going to Roadrunner and NEVER LOOKING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless I have big problems with them. Then I'll be back like a bad rash. Cause I gots to have a connection, G.

I am in my office at work, because THE DAMN DSL WORKS HERE. Apparently, there is an outage in my area, not just at my house this time. The Bellsouth dillholes are working on it.

I was given the chance to leave early today if I wanted to and after turning my head to the side like a confused puppy and asking if this was a trick question, I happily agreed to leave early and use half a day of vacation time. (We have a low census so things are slow and when that happens, they try to economize by working with a skeleton crew).

So... I skipped out of the place, happy as a LITTLE GIRL, as Deiter would say, and went home only to find that those SHITHEADS, also known as Bellsouth, have once again shit the bed, leaving me connectionless. I was expecting an email from my out of town client! I was trying to get a meeting set up for tomorrow.

While I'm fuming audibly, Myra comes in, with two chaotic children loudly doing their normal kid-thing, and Myra is just all kinds of pissed off at her new paramour who never will be, (says she) and together, we almost made the house implode. Too much hostility in one spot. Bad for the atmosphere, dontcha know.

Then, as if I needed another thing to go wrong, my administrator calls me up and tells me that they need me to come in and code a patient that left TODAY.


We can't let the patient's bed get cold before the bill is sent out. ::Sigh:: Such is the life of the person who brings da money. They don't think I should have a life. So he kindly told me I could come in a half day tomorrow instead of taking the whole day off as I was planning to do, so I opted to come back in tonight and do the coding so I won't have to come in tomorrow.

WHADDAYA WANNA BET... they call me tomorrow with a new crisis? I can't be sick or take a day off without being called.

But... here comes the rast raff glasshoppah... I'm unplugging the phones tonight, and I'll be screening cell phone calls like a shifty mofo.

So Muwahahaha!! Once I'm outta here tonight, they will have to COME FIND ME to drag me back in.

I'm like Al Pacino here. "Every time I try to get out, they PULL me back in!"

The outage in my area is supposed to be fixed by 6:48, which is about a half hour away, so I might be able to post again later or at least check in and see what's up.

Bye possums... (think "Dame Edna")

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