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2004-08-10 - 11:04 p.m.

I called the cable company and ordered a network solution so all 3 home pcs can be on cable fast-internet service.


I heard that my whole street is out of phone service, but it's just the same old shit. Bellsouth's wires and equipment are old and crappy and the service is out every few weeks. I'm done with that.

The cable guy said that they are about to start offering telephone service. Residential phone service with unlimited long distance, unlimited minutes, for about 39.95. It's not a cell phone. It's a house phone. But that will just leave the other services in the dust. Smart idea.

The area outage should be over by tomorrow, supposedly, but I'm going with the cable service anyway. Once it is all set up and I see it will really work, I will cancel my land line altogether. Myra finally got a cell phone, so nobody needs the land line anymore. I hate to give up my house line for some reason, but I'm doing it this time. When I can get the Time Warner phone service, I might do it.

In the mean time, I'm going to have to watch my anytime minutes on my cell phone to avoid running up a big bill. I can talk free after 7pm mon-fri and anytime over the weekend. I won't be able to resort to using the house line to conserve cell phone minutes when the Bellsouth is gone.

I'm getting a DVR cable box too, so I can tape shows. It's like a Tivo. That way, I don't have to miss Dr. Phil when I'm out of town or at work locally.

Myra and I cleaned out the garage a little last night, just a little bit, and dragged stuff to the curb for the trash truck to take and we both were sick today with sinus problems. We stirred up some nasty dust particles or something. We have all the extra stuff from 2 households in that garage and most of it needs to go. I could have a hell of a garage sale, but the weather is too hot. And yuck. It's just too icky to contemplate.

But I'm feeling some sort of energy for taking care of business, so I may be able to either get a clean out service to come cart it all away, or get some man with a truck to come load up. Either way, some shit has got to go. I can't stand it anymore. Garage-o-junk. Must go. I'm on Myra's pc again. Maybe tomorrow my crappy DSL will be restored.

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