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2006-04-25 - 10:12 p.m.

The AI voting is now over. I did what I could. I don't expect Elliot to be the one to go this week, but you never know.

Ok, on to other things...

I went to work today and found out several interesting tidbits of info. For one thing, everyone at the corporate office is in such an uproar about my wacky rebellious move last week (when I refused to come in on Tuesday) that the boss at my main facility has offered to pay me an extra day's consulting fee on my paycheck, if I will come in this Friday and get the claims for this week processed a few days early. This plan could still get vetoed by the bigger boss. But if this shit flies, it will be a repeat thing and this will mean a lot of extra money for me. We're setting a very lucrative precedence for me right here. I hope it goes over.

I really like extra money.

Extra money good. ::insert wordless Frankenstein grunt here:: Fire bad...

Also, the jerk who owes me the expense money has pissed off the boss at the facility and now that boss is working on my behalf, trying to get me paid. It benefits me for him to be mad at the super-big-boss. That way, he works more on my side instead of trying to get me to cooperate and wait placidly for the assclown to do the right thing. This is why I am in position to get paid extra now. He's trying to play their game to get me more money and make me happy enough to come in and do what he needs done. Mission accomplished.

Now I'm hoping my other gig has an unexpected delay so I can sweep up some of this easy money before I get too busy to do it all. I'm working on a way to keep it all going. I think I have a viable plan.

I also uncovered a big lie that was told to us by the collectively hated assmunch that calls himself the COO of our company. He is claiming to not be able to pay the bills because he says we haven't received any money for the month of April. I exposed that bullshit today, because I have a secret squirrel method of finding out exactly how much money has been paid and we've received a shitload of money this month.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I gave my direct boss everything he needed to humiliate the assmunch with some hard core facts. I also tipped him off that misappropriation of this particular type of bank account is a major felony. That's what is happening here. They have taken in a half million dollars in the past several weeks and they can't pay me my freakin expenses??? The bills are all past due??? If that money is really gone, a crime was committed.

I want my damn money.

I had a pretty good day and I have this everlasting hope that I will get my money without having to sue them for it. I could be wrong, but the outlook seems a little brighter today.

When and if I get it, I just might go to Disneyland! If I don't have to share it with an attorney, that is.

Three updates in one day. OK, 2 begging-for-votes entries and one real entry.

But still.

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