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2004-02-01 - 2:30 p.m.


I am about tired of that. Is this just happening to me? Or is everyone being assaulted with extra pop ups lately?

Whoever made that annoying pop up that says "For 20 bucks I'll stop your pop ups!", should be tortured at length, and then dragged behind an unwashed horse that is suffering from constant diarrhea until their bloody, mangled corpse is nothing but a greasy speed bump.

I've done nothing this weekend. Nothing but cook on my new stove and wash dishes in my new dishwasher. I've gone nowhere.

I need to go shopping. Just as I suspected, the range hood did NOT come with the nifty little hallogen bulbs included. You would think that after spending 200 bucks on a range hood, the light bulbs would be in the box.

I did some diary surfing today and GREAT SCOTT a lot of the diarists are depressed. What's up with that? I might have to go all Dr. Phil on some of these people. Life is good. And if it's not, you have the power to change it. Sheesh.

Should I watch movies, go shopping, or save the world? I have it narrowed down. It's definitely between shopping and watching movies. I'm not into world-saving today. I'll leave that for Tuesday or Wednesday. Wait - Tuesday is out, cause that's my massage day. Maybe Wednesday.

I'm leaning heavily towards the shopping.

This is a "fluff entry" Nuffin but Fluff.

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