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2004-05-05 - 9:33 p.m.

I just had a very interesting time. I was "people-watching" while I had dinner. I couldn't help blatantly eavesdropping on this family that was seated right next to me. There were 2 little kids and 2 parental units.

The kids were both little girls and they appeared to be about 6 and 2. The older one was named Summer. That's ok... I've seen girls named Summer before. About 5 minutes after I heard them calling her name, I noticed the littler girl was named Spring.

I thought "No she di'int name her baby Spring!" I guess they have a cut and dried limit on the number of kids they can have. They only have 2 seasons left! If they mess up their birth control and let Autumn happen, they will have to go on and produce Winter... for continuity. Nasty little trap they've set for themselves.

"Summer" was a pill. She kept herself busy the entire time I was there. She chattered non-stop. She had some kind of a movie line or something stuck in her head. Throughout the whole dinner, she kept saying "It made my EYES BUH-LEEEEED!" She explained that she saw some show or something and a guy in it said that line. She just couldn't stop repeating it. Kids never recognize when there has been too much of a good thing.

A little later, the parents were talking about a trip the wife was trying to win. She was telling her husband that if she won it, she was not taking him on the trip, but instead, she was taking her sister. They joked back and forth a little until Summer piped up with the following:

"Do you guys want me to wish you apart? Cause I can do that. And I will. Do you want me to wish you apart forever?"

The mom says "No".

Summer yells "THEN STOP FIGHTING!!!"

The mom starts hushing Miss Mouth and says "Daddy and me were just talking and playing. We're not fighting."

I noticed two things here: 1)Look how easy it is for a kid to get the wrong idea and think you're fighting. and 2) This kid was exhibiting "magical thinking". She thinks she can "wish them apart" and make it so. Interesting. I had that kind of magical thinking going on when I was a kid. I thought I could do ANYTHING. I regularly woke my mom up with my telekinetic ability, which may or may not exist. I could silently stare at my mom and wake her up though. Worked every time.

One more jolting thing happened while I was sitting there eavesdropping on their family life. The wife said "I am so excited about your Father's Day gift. I just want to tell you about it." Then she did. She just up and blurted it. Father's day is in the middle of June, and on May 5 she blurts it. I was SO tempted to yell "NO YOU DIDN'T!" C'mon... you don't tell. You just don't. Now what? It's not even Mother's Day yet and he knows what he is getting for Father's Day. I'll bet wifey wanted to establish that he's getting a nice gift so he will know he'd better come across for Mother's Day. She might be in for a big disappointment, cause married men don't generally take a hint very well, unless they are trying to impress someone they aren't married to.

Wow. Am I jaded, or WHAT???

Today I went to lunch with Nervous Nellie and we were able to just have a nice lunch and not talk about FIM scores or diagnosis codes. She asked me some things about my personal life. I told her I am divorced and she said "Are you about ready for a new husband?" To which I answered "Um, no." She patted my arm and said You are very pretty. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding somebody good." (Thanks, I think.) She must have missed that part where I said I'm NOT ready for another husband. She asked me how many times I've been married.

Do I look like someone who has been married frequently? Or who doesn't learn from her mistakes? I suppose I will get married again someday, maybe. But I couldn't swear to it. I'm certainly not ready right now. Although if Eddie Izzard asks me one more time, I'm saying yes.

That's right, I fancy the Executive Transvestite.

In Other News:

I got back to my room and on the way here I noticed the sky is astoundingly clear and the stars are so bright I'd like to go out and lay on the trampoline in my back yard to watch the night sky for a while, but of course, that would be a lonnnng drive.

I drove by and looked for Mr. Frog, my little bug catching friend from last week. He wasn't there. Apparently he's out celebrating Cinco de Mayo somewhere.

As I returned to my room, I looked above the door for some reason and happened to notice 2 little lizards clinging to the building. They are adorable. I haven't ever seen lizards like these before. They are both identical, a peachy tannish color, shaped exactly like miniature alligators, with big, cute, toadie looking eyes. They are very cute and striking. I asked them what they were doing and they said they were catching bugs.

I guess there's not much else to do in this town.

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