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2006-09-06 - 11:03 a.m.

Have you ever heard of Second Life? It is a game, much like the Sims. You can design an avatar in any way you want it to look. You can be any kind of creature you want. The options are limitless. You can have a free basic membership and can upgrade to a $9.95 per month membership that will get your avatar a salary.

You want to have that salary, because this is a virtual world in which businesses operate and things can be bought. If you become good at designing things, you can sell things to the other residents of the virtual world and that money is spendable for a bigger house, more stuff, virtual land for opening businesses, etc.

In this virtual world, you can be whatever you want to be, you can teleport yourself, you can have sex with other residents, get married, live a whole second life. Hence, the name. Your imagination is the limit.

This is a giant, vast virtual world that has been created by the hundreds of thousands of members over the past 7 years. There are castles, clubs, vampire dens, sex clubs, shopping, movies, events, contests, a real estate market. You can buy an island. You have to have a lot of money to buy an island. You can roam all over and go to the clubs and explore the castles and all kinds of stuff.

You can talk to the other avatars you meet while you are exploring. There are endless things to do and see. You can change your looks whenever you want to.

The currency in this world is the Linden dollar. There is a fluctuating market for how many Lindens you get for one US dollar. One article I read had the exchange rate at 250 Lindens for one US dollar, but I read another article that said 308 Lindens for a US dollar. You can actually convert your Lindens into US dollars and there are people who are making money from the virtual goods they are selling. There's an 18 year old girl that makes about 200 US dollars a week selling virtual skateboards that she creates and sells in Second Life.

I'm going to join this and make myself a spiffy avatar. I'm not naming it wilberteets either. I have to think of a name I can live with. I will probably remain a redhead. I'll definitely stay in human form. I am looking forward to checking out the real estate market and meeting other people.

What should I be named? If you have any ideas, lay 'em on me in comments. Don't be shy. :-)

Here is a screen shot of a shopping area. Notice one of the people in the background is green:

I am almost afraid to get started, because this is very fascinating to me and I might get totally absorbed. I've been sort of tired of a lot of my real life circumstances lately and I'll bet I could have a hell of a lot more fun with a second life.

If you want to check this out, go to www.secondlife.com and explore the website. It explains everything and there are links to news articles that give you a good idea of what this is and how it works. We should all join and hang out together.

Maybe I'll see you around.


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