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2005-10-07 - 11:20 p.m.

I have mastered the world of physical fitness.

Ok, maybe I haven't totally mastered it, but I've at least stuck a toe in. I am doing 45 minutes at a fast pace on the treadmill, followed by 90 crunches every day. My speed is increasing. My body responds really well to exercise. I am more energetic every day, I'm sleeping better.

Wow. Someone should alert the science community. I think this exercise stuff might be good for people.

I worked out too hard today and my hips feel like they are going to come apart or something. I'm sore in a way I've never been sore before. I mean, it's not horrible pain, it's just unusual.

The weather was cool today - really cool - for the first time for this fall. When the weather changes for fall, I get all kinds of happy and it gives me an energy boost. So I was bouncing off the walls today. Tomorrow I am going to an outlet mall to look for some tighter jeans. Some of my co-workers have asked me to get some smaller clothes. haha.

Let me tell you why Sprint is a cool company to use for cell phone service: Today I got a phone call from them telling me that since I live in the areas affected by the hurricanes, my entire cell phone bill has been waived for a period of time and I don't have to pay another dime until December 1. Nifty, huh? I love my Sprint PCS.

I'm going to sleep so good tonight.

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