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2007-06-27 - 11:45 a.m.

Well, I have had my laugh for the day. I looked on my buddy page and found that I have a new reader (welcome, toastcrumbs) and since I am at work, needing entertainment, I checked out this blog and got a major laugh from yesterdays' entry there, titled "Pizza Pants". Go ye forth and readeth this narrative of hilarity. I'll be right here when you get back. Listen, she just updated again, so the entry you land on is not "Pizza Pants". Don't miss that one. It's too funny.

Right here: toastcrumbs

I was hearing some talk on the radio this morning about this over-the-counter diet pill that is great because it makes you lose weight, but it has the unfortunate side effect of causing your ass to spray orange oil like old faithful. See, that seems like a really negative side effect to me. Anyhoo, toastcrumbs wrote a hilarious entry about it.

I am at work, wheelin and dealin like old times, creating the all important and legally ass covering "meeting minutes" from thin air. We did have a meeting... nevermind. Let's just say... I've been busy with fascinating shtuff. I really do like this sort of thing that I do so well.

I get to leave early today because I'm getting a couch (yay) between 3 and 6 this afternoon. I'm also getting a chair, an end table, and a media console. WOOT. I don't have bedroom furniture, but I do have mattresses and that's the important thing at this point. I'm tired of shopping. I'm going to wait a little while I think and find just the right bedroom furniture. I'm not putting much in there. I don't want to clutter the room. Just a pretty bed frame and a night table or two, I think.

If you missed my disgusting Spooge entry from yesterday, click back and see that. It will remind you to be careful in public restrooms. It's really like a public service announcement. Spooge happens, people.

It looks like I am going to have to go shopping for work. I can't print, due to a near complete absence of toner. The toner costs more than a new printer, so I may be headed to office depot very soon. I guess I could combine that with my lunch break.

I am liking my job here pretty darn well. No one messes with me. Not being messed with and jerked around is way high on my list of happy things.

My sister, myramains, thinks I am having one big continuous party of celebration because I've escaped her evil minions of destruction, the two precious angels that she produced.... but I actually miss the little fartknockers. I get lots of laughs from those two. I do must say my pain is somewhat smoothed by the happy new surroundings and the happy job stuff. This has been a successful move. I don't feel so far removed from home.

I must go to lunch. Oh darn. :-)

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