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2004-04-20 - 12:56 a.m.

Here is my third attempt at posting an entry. I've lost two. Damn it.

Short version: I went to dinner alone, got accosted by 2 old guys who regaled me with their charming old-guy humor and invited me to sit with them. I thought "Why not?" and joined them at their table. As soon as one old cat left the table to get some ice cream, the other one asked me if I was married or had any kids. He put the old-guy mack down on me. Later on, he went for ice cream and the other guy asked me the same 20 questions.

"Uh oh", thinks I.

They were sweet. There's a lot of retired military men in this town. I could get me a sugar daddy around here. But that would be some seriously hard earned money, dontcha know.

Old guys love the heck out of some Wilberteets. I am frequently accosted by the elderly.

After I shook the apple dumpling gang, I went to Books-A-Million and had a triple espresso, just as if I was *trying* to stay up all night. I'm getting tired now, but it's 1:00 am! I should be asleep. I looked for a book that Myra asked me to pick up for her, but they didn't have it. So you're outta luck, G.

After Books-a-million, I hit Walmart to get my stuff for the week. I forgot to bring my toothbrush and toothpaste. I forgot a bunch of stuff. I did not forget to bring underwear, but I bought me some black lacy drawz with boy legs. They are like soft lacy boxers. Pretty. I think I'll wear them over my pants tomorrow. Oh wait, Madonna already did that.

I got invited to go out tomorrow night to play pokino with a group of women, one of whom works at the hospital I am currently working at. I wanted to stay in and watch American Idol. I am such a teenager about that show. But I could win prizes at Pokino and I should accept offers instead of being a hermit. Right? I'm going to call my dad and see if he will tape my show for me.

I've got to snooze right now. Ready or not.


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