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2005-09-15 - 10:54 p.m.

There seems to be not a single hotel room to be had in south Louisiana. I may not have to travel any time soon, at least until sometime in October. One of the big wigs from the corporate office thinks he has some pull at a local hotel and if he is right, I will have to go ASAP. I sort of doubt that the pull is as great as he seems to think. They want me to go down to the home office so I can work my magic. I'm glad they have so much faith in my abilities. Sometimes I think they give me too much credit.

I had a very strange conference call today. I am fascinated and happy with my job. Endlessly. I wish they would branch out sort of far away from here so I could at least live away for part of the time. I'd like to see some other climates for a change.

I have a strange feeling of changes to come. I feel a sense of opportunity. My career is going great. If I could get all areas of my life happy at once, I suppose I'd pop from the happiness. Surely, I wouldn't be able to stand the sheer joy of it all. I guess that's why one area has to be screwed up at all times. For my own protection. Yeah. That must be it.

Hoo buddy.

Let me tell you what my stupid dog did. She choked her fool self on a piece of tinfoil that once held chocolate, and barfed on my bedspread. Nice, huh? I'm drying my bedspread right now. I hope it's dry, because I'm about to get in bed.

I'm sleepy. It's almost as if I talked on the phone all night instead of sleeping. hehe. I would do it again this very night. It was quite worth it.

Abby is doing her pee pee dance, so I must let her out for her last outing of the night.

Later gators.

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