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2005-01-24 - 11:18 p.m.

It occurs to me on this lovely evening that life runs in two directions and sometimes it feels like any entry I attempt to write is either based on bitching and kavetching about what went wrong, or gloating and bragging about what went right.

At this fortunate time in my life, I am hesitant to even try to write an entry because it all feels like bragging. I could really get ridiculous with it tonight, because, well, life is freakin good sometimes.

I feel like I should temper everything with a disclaimer about how hard my life was sucking in 2003. hahaha. And that's funny to me. I also have this superstitious feeling that if I just go on and blurt everything good that is happening to me, it will all go away. Similarly, I know I can't call up the insufferable yeti I used to work with and say "Guess what Beeyotch??" and fill her in on what's good in my world and what all still sucks in hers.

And that asshole who wanted to jack with my pay... self-righteously thinking that he shouldn't be paying me the *slightly* above average salary I was getting for doing 4 - count 'em FOUR full time jobs he loaded on me. He didn't understand what I did for his organization and he didn't have the vision to realize how he could use my consulting skills to make even more money for his organization... but my new boss does!! Then, when I left, they found out how valuable I was when they heard the vast sucking sound of money escaping their dwindling bottom line. No one in the whole place understood the payment system. They lost so much money it's ridiculous. They could have paid my salary for several years on the money they lost.

What a saga... they cried... I laughed... There was something for everyone. I knew they would feel the pain and I tried to warn them. Thank God in heaven they did not listen!! If they had treated me with any decency at all, I would have stayed and been trapped there for who knows how long.

Each time I have left a job I did it very hesitantly, worrying about security, but every time, I have landed in a better place.

I talked to a certain somebody that I've been missing and I hear things are very celebratory in Philly, now that the Eagles are going to be in the superbowl. I care very deeply about football and hope the Eagles get lots of home runs or something. Tee Hee.

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