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2004-05-14 - 9:03 p.m.

OK - it's high time I wrote an entry for my old buddy Orlando Ninja.

The following is a true story.

A couple of days ago I posted an entry about my experience having dinner at a Greek / Lebanese Cafe. Well, I left out all the juiciest details. The astonishing truth is that it wasn't a Greek / Lebanese Cafe as I had mistakenly assumed. It was, in fact, a Greek Lesbian Cafe. *Gasp*

That's right. Lesbians everywhere.

At first I didn't notice. Sure... there were a LOT of women in this place. None of them were very butch though. It looked like a bus load of professional cheerleaders had stopped along their travels to enjoy some Greek food. I was so unsuspecting...

There I was... alone in a strange town. Alone in this restaurant, surrounded by cheerleaders. While reading my menu, I didn't notice all the activity around me. It was only after I had ordered and my menu had been taken up that I noticed the belly dancers, dancing around the room. The music was exotic... the dancers were mysterious... soon I was almost mesmerized by the intoxicating beat of the music.

The dancers were stripping off scarves and draping them over the customers, who were enthusiastically receiving them... a little too enthusiastically, in fact. The customers themselves starting to get up and join in the dancing. I was startled to see that the beautiful cheerleaders were also removing their clothing one piece at a time, teasing each other seductively.

Distracted by the arrival of my feta salad, I missed some of the commotion and when I glanced around the room again I saw that everyone in the cafe was stripped down to thongs and wonder bras! What's going on here?!? It looked like a Victoria's Secret convention! My mind was racing. I was a little afraid. So many perfect female bodies!

I saw women doing unspeakable things to other women in all the corners of the restaurant... on the table tops... on the floor!! It was a lesbian free for all! On one side of the room it looked just like the naked dogpile at the Iraqi prison, except all the asses were rounded and female!!

I didn't know what to do! I was immobilized with surprise and confusion. Just then... I was tapped on the shoulder. I turned and was face to face with the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. I am heterosexual, but this... this beautiful woman... she beckoned to me... her eyes pleaded for me to join in... I blushed.. I lowered my eyes... I felt...

...like this was just the sort of thing Orlando Ninja would like for me to do.

And here I must leave the story... for I am too much a lady to devulge the rest.


Disclaimer: No lesbians were injured during the making of this entry.

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