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2004-09-02 - 6:15 p.m.

Something impossible just happened that exemplifies exactly the sort of day I am having.

My knee was hurting all night and it feels bruised. I can't see a bruise and I don't know what I did to it, but it is sore on the inside and the outside. I've been crippling around today, trying to clean up around here on a bum leg and I don't feel like doing anything at all.

I decided to put on a little make-up so I could go to the store and buy some cat food for my poor deprived kitty. He had food today, but he is out of food now and it is only a matter of minutes before he notices the startling lack of grub and starts howling. Here comes the impossible happening:

I was putting on some eye shadow when all of a sudden the little applicator flipped out of my fingers and fell on the floor. Or so I thought...

I started looking for it and it was nowhere to be found. I rolled back in my computer chair, because I do my makeup at my desk, and I looked around on the floor. No applicator. I thought maybe it flipped under the dust ruffle of my bed, so I hurt my knee while trying to search under there. I felt around under my desk, I looked everywhere. Just when I was starting to think I had somehow landed in the twilight zone, I saw the tip of the eyeshadow applicator, peeking out from INSIDE the castor on my computer chair!!!

I had a hard time getting it back out of there. The thing had somehow dropped to the floor and bounced up in a perfect, absolute upright position so that it could fly effortlessly through the tiny opening and get stuck inside the roller ball castor thingy on my chair! What are the odds?

I had to stop and share.

Now, I shall continue my preparations of great beautification for a short jaunt to a small, rip off grocery store that doesn't deserve to see the Teets of Wilber in all her glory anyway. I should just go ugly, with my hair in the heart-stopping "Sideshow Bob" hair-do that I sport so frequently around the house.


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