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2006-07-24 - 12:41 a.m.

I've got to tell this dream I had. It seemed completely ridiculous and random when I first woke up from it, but as I was telling it to my sister, it all started to make perfect sense and then I knew exactly what it was about. First I'll give you the dream, then I'll tell you what it meant:

I dreamed that I was at some sort of event that was held outdoors in a nice place. Like a park. There were a lot of people there and my family was there. Particularly my parents. They were setting up some kind of a table, with a white table cloth on it and my mom was laying out some expensive and colorful items on this table. They were busy and preoccupied with what they were doing and I was sort of looking around and observing things.

I noticed that there was a big interesting looking decorative water wheel type thing that was not too far from the table my parents were at. I walked up to it for a closer look. There was a thing that looked like a paddle wheel from an old fashioned boat or a grist mill, but it was much smaller. It was about 6 feet in diameter. I could see some cogs and workings and everything was moving as it was supposed to and carrying water around in a pattern. Some water was coming straight down from the wheel into the trough-like base of the "fountain" or whatever this thing was. I noticed a flat metal plate in the middle of the workings and it looked a bit rusty and unstable to me so I reached out to touch it. My idea was to just push it slightly to test it's stability.

With hardly a touch, it fell inward and slipped off it's cog and water started shooting everywhere. I was getting all wet. It was very panic inducing and embarrassing. I immediately looked at my parents for help but there was nothing they could do. I wanted to get away from there and just go sit with them and act like I didn't do it, but I turned back to try to fix the situation and stop the water works. I went back and messed with it until I got it all fixed. I managed to get it all stopped but I was extremely mortified.

After it had sort of blown over and things were calm, a lady came up to me and thanked me for the show, because it was the bright spot of the day for her. She said "You made my week."

That was the dream. It is amazing to me that I didn't notice the obvious thinly disguised replaying of my daughter's wedding as soon as I woke up. It was an outdoor event, my parents were there and tending to their own emotions and feelings and stuff... there was a white cloth covered table with colorful items on it, and I did something incredibly stupid and then water started shooting all over the place, no one could help me, and I was overwhelmingly embarrassed. That's exactly what happened at the wedding. Actually, like the water wheel, I slipped off MY COG and water started shooting everywhere. I caused a big scene and then I was terribly mortified and a lady came up to me afterwards and told me my outburst gave everyone "permission to feel" and that it was really something I should not feel bad about. I just relived the outburst fiasco in a slightly different setting. hehe

Dreams are a trip.

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