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2007-06-30 - 10:52 a.m.

Hard Lessons I Have Learned Before 10 am on a Saturday:

Lesson Number One: Some feminine products are just not flushable, no matter what the box says.

Lesson Number Two: When moving to a new residence, make sure you have a plunger. A long handled spatula does not work to "snake" a drain. (I'm bleaching and boiling it, not to worry)

Lesson Number Three: When moving to a new residence, establish a special place for your keys to go. This will save you from engaging in destructive, frantic, ransacking behaviors.

Lesson Number Four: The plastic bag full of hardware from walmart is not a good "special place" for your keys. You might forget you put them in such a stupid place. It might be the very last place you would EVER think to look.

Lesson Number Five: "Hair-dos" and "Make-up" do not matter as much when there is an overflowy toilet to think about.

Lesson Number Six: God has a sense of humor. How else can you explain an overflowy toilet, no plunger, and hideous monthly curse, all occurring at the very same space and moment in time? God's little sitcom. That's what it is.

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