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2006-07-02 - 12:49 p.m.

I love this little clip:

Hosted at YourSpaceNow.com

Owned. Heh.


Once upon a time, I saw a commercial for Midol. It showed an animated picture of a female torso with little sparkles happening all around the abdomen area, illustrating how the pain is during the time of the month when one would be needing some midol.

My abdomen is filled with little sparkles of pain today. I just wanted to share that fact. I'm suffering, but I feel just a little bit better knowing that I've shared it on the world wide web.


I realized today that I have messed around too long and left myself with a whole bunch of little tasks that must be done next week. I'm going on vacation next week and I only have one week to get every single thing done and lined up. I hate it when I can plainly see that I have not kicked the procrastination habit.


Here's something I did not procrastinate about: I pre-ordered the new Seether CD that is coming out July 11th. Since I was one of the first 200 people to order it, I get something signed by the band. That makes me happy as a little girl, as Deiter would say.

I won't get it for an extra week, because I'll be out of town for a whole week after it arrives. Lousy timing. I am having my mail held (I hope) while I am gone so nothing happens to my very important Seether package. The new CD is acoustic and it sounds great. It comes with a DVD. I can't wait to get it. You can hear some of the new acoustic stuff on www.seether.com. It's awesome.

Music that you are passionate about makes you feel something that's just like love. That's why guys in bands get so much action. Talent, competence, and intelligence are the biggest turn ons for me.


Check out the link above. It is another Seether website. This one is kept up by the band and there is a long string of songs that plays while you are on the site. The record label does the www.seether.com website, but the band does Seetherville and I like the music loop on that one because it's longer and has more songs. I bring up that website at work and listen to Seether while I work. I must do that a lot, because I have the song order memorized.

I hope my link and the little "Owned" video works. I guess I'll know in a minute...

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