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2006-09-08 - 6:42 p.m.

I am officially OWNED.

Second Life is my new Master. Dude, my avatar is so cute. She's going to be cuter, as soon as I figure out how to get her some red hair. Her name is Scarlett. The hair should be red. I'm going to give her more gadunka-dunk too. The booty is not quite all there yet. It's cute and pert, but it can be tweaked a little.

So I finally went to the "mainland" where all the action happens. I explored a little bit and then discovered a night club in which there are some slot machines, a money exploder, and some opportunities for making money. I doubled my Linden bucks while I was in there. I gambled a bunch of money away and won enough to still have twice as much as I went in with. I danced all night and saw two guy's junk, au naturale. And happy.

I'm still a virtual virgin. The bartender was going to help me out after work, but I had to go before he got off work so I could get some sleep for my real life, in which I am expected to show up and work, sometimes as many as two times in one week. Sheesh.

I am going to explore some more to see what other money making opportunities exist, but I'm tempted to go right back to my club tonight. And I'm sure I will. I think I am going to let my avatar dance all night while I sleep, because she can make 250 Linden's an 8 hour shift for dancing on stage.

Listen Gentle Reader, if you have a second life membership, you need to let a girl know. We can meet up. If you do not have a second life membership, do the free week and see how fun it is. I'll help you figure out what to do.

Get a Second Life!!

Oh, I met a guy who is in Second Life because of work, and his whole company had to get second life accounts and they are holding meetings in their second life house. That's pretty cool. If I could hold a med staff meeting in second life, I might not mind attending so much. They are going to open a virtual theme park. Very interesting.

This is fun.

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