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2003-11-20 - 5:25 p.m.


This day has sucked the monkey nard of doom.

First of all, I requested this day off and had the idjits given me the day off, I would not have had this accident, at least not today. But then, we might have gotten creamed in a wreck on the way to Hot Springs, had we gone. Or we might have gotten to our hotel only to be pelted with rocks and garbage, mysteriously hurled from the bushes around the hotel by a crazed opera singer and his tiny sidekick.

You just never know.

Anyways, I wrecked my lovely 2 year old car which I just paid over 400 bucks getting a tune up, coolant system maintenance, a brake job, and a leaking filter frame fixed, only to have this happen. Let that be a lesson folks, never do your scheduled maintenance when you have dill hole neighbors who like to park pontoon boats in the driving lanes at a blind spot on the top of a hill. Just don't do it.

So then, I had to call my insurance company and line up a rental car and get an adjuster assigned to my claim. I'm definitely suing myself. I hurt me pretty bad. I'm gonna make me pay big.

My insurance decided to try to give me some shit about the rental. I know I have this coverage, and they were saying I didn't. Then they told me my policy was - get this - in my ex husband's name!! I bought this car myself, registered it myself, set up my insurance in my name, and because they knew my ex, they ASSUMED it would still be somehow in his name?!?! So I informed them that he has not carried insurance with them for 3 years. blah blah blah... got it all worked out.

Then I called my mom to see if she thought I should go to the hospital or the chiropractor. She came right over and took me to her chiropractor.

Meanwhile, today is my Dad's b-day and also the day I put my beloved Bink on an airplane (one of my very least favorite things ever to do) to go see her Dad in Washington. Stress me out!!!

But before we picked her up, I went to the chiropractor for x-rays and a spine scan. I got problems-a-plenty. I'm having neck pain, high back pain, low back pain, a lot of left shoulder pain, and slice across my throat where my seat belt tried to decapitate me. I have this bloody slash, plus a lovely and quite clear imprint of the seat belt across my throat. My hand is jammed and possibly fractured where it was wrapped around the steering wheel during the impact. My shoulder and elbow are jammed. My right knee hurts. And my pretty car is ruined. I just had it detailed.

After that appointment, I left for the airport with instructions to come back to the doctor after the plane takes off. We were playing beat the clock, trying to get me squared away, have a girl's lunch with mom, Bink, and me, and then get her on the plane in time.

After the airport, I wanted to go get my rental car before going back to the doctor. That's when the only lucky screw up of the day happened. The rental place was all out of the sad ass hoopties my cheapskate insurance company authorized for me, so I had to take a TrailBlazer! So color me happy. I like it. It's swell. And since Myra is getting to pick out an SUV as part of her compensation package at her new job, she can look this over and see how she likes it.

But that's beside the point... back to the misery... I got my vehicle and couldn't think straight... couldn't remember where I was going... and had to follow my mom to a place I've always known.

Went back to the doctor, had even more x-rays, and noticed my hand is swollen and bruisy looking. Plus, I can't seem to focus my eyes well. When I look from one thing to another, my eyes are taking a while to adjust.

During this process, the people at work keep calling me. To ask me for codes and info. I'm hazy... I can't think straight... I'm coding patients from the rental place and again from the doctors' office. ARGH. Then, the HR lady calls and tells me my boss is requiring a doctor's excuse and a copy of the police report to prove that I had a good reason to miss work!!!!! It pisses me off that they would even suggest such a thing. If I were a kid working for Burger King or something, I might pull some shit like this to miss a day of work, but I'm a professional and I never miss work frivolously. They should have picked up on this by now.


At the end of the day I am sore all over, I have some lasting damage to get repaired on both the car and my person, and my Bink has been pulled from me for the Thanksgiving holidays. Bummer. I am supposed to do 20 minutes of ice packs tonight before bed. I hate ice packs. But I guess it could be much worse. I could have been hurt worse. I won't be happy until I hear that Bink made it to her Dad's house safely.

Thanks for caring, peoples.

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