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2003-09-28 - 10:39 a.m.


'Cause we had a soiree to go to. It was the 50th anniversary of the TV / Radio station complex that the sistah works for.

There were food stations with all kinds of good stuff and there were lots of important people, such as Myra and Moi, several politicians, the Mayor, the police chief, most of the local celebrities were there.

There was this lovely woman there who is beautiful on many levels, she is tall, has a fantastic figure, a lovely tan, but not too much, delicate features, she's smart, funny, and seems to really have it together.

Myra, myself, and this woman who shall remain unnamed were hanging out together. As we talked, it became apparent that both Myra and myself are more confident than this perfect creature we were sitting with. Quite a bit more confident. She constantly fidgeted with her hair and stressed about various things, and wondered why she doesn't ever get approached or propositioned. Myra and I have to fend off advances while she remains unapproached.

I guess this proves that a person's self image is more about how they feel about themself than their outer appearances. That girl should never doubt herself.

After a while, we migrated to a table where we had a bunch of drinks. I was slowly drinking a blush wine, so I didn't get loopy. Myra, on the other hand, had a bunch of hard drinks with vodka and threatened to snatch a bald spot in a lady's head, AND insulted her armpits, which were hanging inside out from the sides of her dress. If there is one thing Myra cannot abide, it is seeing an old lady's armpits hanging out of her dress.

That woman was under the impression that she was very very important, because about 6 months ago she married someone who is quite important around the TV station. But she was dead wrong when she surmised that her husband's import would carry over to her ugly ass.

I'm sure Myra will tell the whole sordid tale in her entry. I'll leave it for her. I was not involved in that particular scene.

Captain Sticky Fingers made another appearance and I think I've noticed a pattern. When Myra gets drunk, she takes stuff. As we were leaving the party, there was a table full of these very nice key chain and pen sets, and each person was supposed to take one. Myra said "I'll be taking a few of these". And she grabbed 3. And laughed like a fiend. They are really nice sets. I should have grabbed 3 more.

I am holed up in my room still. I stay in my room for a couple of hours after I wake up on weekend days. So I don't know yet if Myra will be mortified about ganking those pen sets or insulting that lady's armpits.

She did get straight up propositioned last night. There's a man that used to work for her station and she used to flirt with him, but it couldn't go anywhere, because she was married. He was married too, but apparently it didn't matter to him. But last night he had the new knowledge that she's getting divorced and he was on it like stink on a dog. AND HIS WIFE WAS THERE.

I noticed when I got my divorce and now Myra is finding out, that when the news gets out that you are divorced, all of a sudden, you're hot property. Men think that divorcees are just yearning and searching for a sexual partner. We don't have to search. Right ladies? They are all too plentiful in offering their services. Kind of heart warming, how they all just can't bear the thought of a lonely divorced woman possibly having to do without a man for awhile. Most guys will valiantly offer up their services. Mighty good of em.

Life is very interesting. Is it not?

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