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2004-02-15 - 7:36 p.m.

On Friday, I had the joyful experience of meeting our new patient. She looks very sweet. She is 35 years old, has big brown eyes, big soft curls, and a round face. She's almost child-like in her looks, except she is a big person and she is in a wheel chair.

She is not retarded. I had no idea she would act the way she acted. It was amazing. I was having lunch in the cafeteria which is used as a dining room for the patients as well as the employees. I saw this sweet new patient and thought nothing further of her until she suddenly yelped that she had spilled her drink into her lunch tray. She got very loud about the fact that she could not eat her lunch now and she needed all new food. I could tell by her tone of voice that she had "issues".

After the lunch ordeal was fixed and she was properly placated, she got out a bag of medications that she brought from home. I guess when the nurses shook her down, they didn't find her secret hidey-hole on the arm of the wheel chair. The ward clerk happened to be there and asked the new patient to wait about taking her medicine because the hospital has meds for her and she could accidentally get an overdose or something. You can't take home meds when you are in the hospital.

Girlfriend went buck wild screaming about her meds. "These are MINE and I'll take them IF I WANT TOOOOOOOOOO!!" She ranted, screamed, yelled, cried, and threw her pill box across the room. She created quite a ruckus. When anyone spoke to her, she would respond very quietly and calmly and then escalate into a full-on scream-fest at some unexpected moment. The Director of Nurses was called down to handle the situation and the patient kept screaming about how she hates to be told what to do and that her mother has dominated her for her whole life. She's SICK OF IT!!! SICK OF IT!!!


She talked down to the staff, she was nasty, she threw things, she threatened to leave. She pitched quite a bitch.

So guess what is wrong with her, that makes her continuously act like an asshole??

She's bipolar and has multiple sclerosis and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. How about them wacky apples?? As you all probably know by now, my sister was briefly involved with someone who had that same special blend of problems. When I first found out about her interest in him, I actually wished I had a good patient example of why she doesn't want to deal with all that stuff rolled into one philandering nutbag.

Voila! Perfect example.

And unlike the turdburglar Myra knew, this patient is a MEDICATED bipolar, MS, and OCD sufferer.

I predict that this new patient will be shipped off to the loony farm within the week. Take your meds kiddies! You can go in for rehab or a gall bladder removal and end up in the nut hatch. It happens every day. This girl is medicated, but she's so out there that she's about as good as she's gonna get, I guess.

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