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2007-08-04 - 11:02 a.m.

The band Blue October is in town today. They are from Houston and they are playing a concert here tonight. I would love to be there, but alas... my parents are in town and this is not their kind of event. I loves me some Blue October.

Seether is coming to town on November 13th, and I am buying tickets and making plans to go to that, regardless of whatever else is going on in life.

Work has been flippin stressful lately, but things seem to be looking up. Everyone is just freaking out because of the inspection we still haven't had. I can't believe how long they've stretched it out. We all pretty much expect to see them this coming week. We've thought that every week since June 15th though.

I have to get dressed and ready to entertain the parental units. Just thought I'd pop in for a minute. I think I'm coming down with a summer cold. My head is hurty and my throat has that uncomfortable scratchy feeling. I hate that. I need to go get some Airborn or something and try to avoid the full blown illness.

Watch this hilarious, hilarious, hurt-yourself-laughing film clip. This kid eats a habanero pepper and his reaction is just freakin hilarious. Watch it a few times. It just gets funnier.

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