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2004-02-15 - 12:01 p.m.

I read a news item that said a Rabbi has suggested hanging bags of pig fat on buses to deter suicide bombers. The Palestinian bombers regard pigs as such unclean animals that they don't want to risk getting any pig fat on them while they are trying to ascend to their multi-virgin defiling reward.

The idea -- suggested by Rabbi Eliezer Fisher, a rabbinical judge, in a letter to police -- signaled the extremes to which some Israelis may be willing to go to stop Palestinian bombers who have killed hundreds of Israelis in recent years.

I find 2 problems with this plan:

1) Israelis also see pigs as unclean animals and their citizens will be taking the risk of flying pig fat right along with the bombers, every time they get on one of these buses.

2) I find it absolutely mind boggling that their religion forbids contact with pig fat, but bombing a bus load of innocent people is okey dokey.


But ya know, if hanging some bags of pig fat is going to stop some of the assholery, I say GO FOR IT.

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