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2005-12-11 - 1:46 a.m.

What am I doing up??? It's almost 2:00 am! Argh.

We dwellers of Teetsville got out in the yard and did some serious yardwork today, then I went and did a lot of my christmas shopping and now I'm just bone weary. We sent the nephew up on the roof to sweep down the fallen leaves and a couple of branches that fell during a storm. We raked, we pruned trees and shrubs, we edged the yard, we plotted against our neighbors... the usual stuff. We were talking about how funny it would be to spell out "White Trash" on our next door neighbor's roof in christmas lights while they were gone today. They are very show offy and very 'keeping-up-with-the-Joneses'. In fact, they strive to BE the Joneses. They'd be highly offended at the white trash joke.

Something funny happened while we were doing the yard work. I had one rake and Myramains had another rake and we were getting after the leaves with a vengeance. My neice Libby, who is 4, came up to me and said "Mimi, why are you and mama raping?" We both gave her the same answer: "Because the pillaging cannot begin until all the raping is finished."

So we raped and pillaged the entire yard before setting out to do our other christmas tasks. Myramains had a company christmas party to attend. Her kids went to grandma's house. We all scattered, but we'll be back together tomorrow, hanging up the lights and stuff. We need a christmas tree. We are the last house on the street to decorate for christmas. All our neighbors are people who hang up the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. We are feeling the pressure. Tomorrow it'll be a frickin festival of lights.

I'm not done with my christmas shopping, but I did buy myself a nice new something. (Shame on me.) I got a 19 inch LCD monitor for my pc. I wanted something slim and less space consuming and this thing is great. I love it. It seems like a much much bigger viewing area. It's so sleek and nice. I love it. Wait till Myra sees it. She's going to hate me even more than she already does. She wants a new computer and after christmas, I'm going to help her find a good one. Or whenever she's ready. I've got a bunch of presents to wrap, but this sister is too tired to think about that tonight. I cannot wait to watch an episode of "Lost" on this new monitor!

In fact, I'm not going to wait any longer. Here goes me...

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