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2004-03-02 - 5:14 p.m.

Gosh Golly Bob, did I ever have a great day at work!!

Apparently I have been a bad toddler and as a punishment, Daddy is not going to let me have an internet connection in my office anymore. That oughta learn me.

Daddy doesn't care that almost every activity in my office comes through the internet and that disallowing me its use will effectively cripple my database, if not my entire department.

Daddy cannot "justify" having an internet connection in my department, but he can justify having the connection in the EMPTY OFFICE ACROSS THE HALL WHERE NO ONE WORKS. He also sees no problem with the discharge planner having access, and his job has no internet uses. The admission coordinator told him to take the internet off her machine, because she virtually never uses it.

So today, I was unable to code out one of the discharged patients because the info I needed was on an online board and I have no access. The billing lady went berzerk and called Daddy up to ask him WTF was up with that. He informaed her that I can leave my work station 40 times a day and run across the hall to use the internet, but I can't use it at my desk.

In the process of getting my answer off the net, I noticed the new PPS training manual is available for download. I cannot continue to do an accurate job once my manual expires at the end of this month. I need it on my pc as a reference and I'd like to print it out, but it's 248 pages long. Adobe format.

There are many manuals and things that I go by that are updated every few months to a year.

The most ridiculous thing of all though, is that with internet access, I can't email with the transcriptionist they hired to help me, so I can't send her the documentation formats via email, I can't fix her mistakes, which will probably be many because she already said she can't understand one of our doctors, and worst of all, I can't download the documents for my database. I have to have those documents, so I will probably end up running back and forth a dozen times a day with a floppy disk, moving the files from one pc to the other.

This is the most ridiculous and nonsensical thing that has ever happened, I believe. I think the woman hater who owns the place wants to make me mad enough to quit so I can't draw unemployment. He has a burning hatred for me because I am a strong woman and I held out for a certain salary. This made him feel like he was over the barrel. This emasculated him, and even though it will be financially devastating to the hospital to lose me, he either doesn't believe how much damage he will sustain, or it has become worth it, because he hates me so much.

It's almost worthwhile to go in to work every day just to see what the hell else could possibly happen.

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